Jiménez de Aréchaga, Viana & Brause advises CAF’s infrastructure fund in its first project financing.

Our firm advised “Fideicomiso Financiero Fondo de Deuda para Infraestructura en Uruguay CAF I” in its first Project financing. This is a USD 350 million -infrastructure fund created in October, 2016 and managed by CAF – AM, Administradora de Activos Uruguay S.A, a subsidiary of CAF- Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina.

This facility finances the reconstruction and maintenance of route 21 (that connects Colonia del Sacramento and Mercedes) and route 24 (that crosses Río Negro y Paysandú, connecting route 2 and route 3).
In November 2015, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works awarded that work to a consortium formed by Sacyr Grinor. The facility was granted for a máximum amount of US$ 87,2 million.

“For our firm, participating in CAF Infrastructure fund’s first project and being the only Uruguayan firm that has participated in the two PPP projects that have been launched so far (after our participation in 2015 Unidad Punta de Rieles funding Project) is a great honour”, commented Fernando Jiménez de Aréchaga (jr).

The team that participated in this transaction was formed by partner Fernando Jiménez de Aréchaga (h), and senior associates Magdalena Secco and Leandro Iglesias